Unlimited Preview Environments
One fixed price

CodePreview is a custom Preview Environment Solution that lets you focus on your product, not your infrastructure. Preview your pull requests in seconds at a fraction of the cost.

Need to move fast?

CodePreview gives early-stage startups and mid-size dev teams that aren't using Kubernetes a testing solution as agile as they are, without the huge price-tag

Most custom Preview environments take at least 1 month of development to build and require ongoing maintenance and support, and server costs often exceed $1,000/month for each additional environment. CodePreview is for teams that don't have that kind of time - or money - to waste.

Sets up in hours
Deploys in minutes
All without lifting a finger

CodePreview combines a software solution with a done-for-you service to simplify and streamline every part of the Preview Environment process: From implementation to deployment, each and every time.


1. Simple Onboarding

Our engineers can assess your codebase and determine the ideal CodePreview configuration within our first meeting.

2. Quick Setup

In one day or less, our team will create a custom CodePreview configuration built to your codebase, not the other way around.

3. Automatic Deployment

With each Git Push, CodePreview automatically creates a new Preview Environment in just minutes, faster than any Docker-based alternative.

4. Continuous Support

Because we know things are constantly changing, our team provides ongoing support throughout development, responding to support requests in hours, not days.

Watch the demo

See how CodePreview generates a new preview environment after a pull request is created.

Built with PMs, Devs, Testers and Customers in mind.

A Testing Suite that keeps up

  • Faster iteration
    Automatic Deployment allows developers to iterate more quickly, spend less time waiting for feedback, and more time focusing on their code.
  • Simultaneous collaboration
    Unlimited Preview Environments let multiple developers test their branches simultaneously before pushing to production.
  • Greater Accuracy
    Full-Stack Previews lets developers test their code in an environment that better reflects production, which means more precision and less surprises.

A front-row seat to the action

  • Quicker turnaround
    Expedited Build Time means that testers get their hands on the latest updates in minutes, not hours, without waiting for a manual deployment process to complete.
  • Better Teamwork
    Automated Notifications bring testers into the process every time exactly when they’re needed. No more nudging busy developers or PMs for updates.
  • Easy Comparison
    Per-Branch Deployment means testers can easily switch between different versions of the code to test different features or reproduce issues.

A more cost-effective way to collaborate

  • Less Time on DevOps
    Done-for-You Setup saves most teams a month of Preview Environment development, and 5 hours a week of environment management.
  • Clearer visibility
    Automatic Deployment lets PMs track the status of multiple different feature-branches, stay on top of progress without having to ask for updates, and identify potential issues before they happen.
  • Smoother Handovers
    Automated Notifications take a manual step out of the feature-feedback loop, which means one less thing to worry about mid-sprint.

A better end-user experience

  • Earlier Access
    No User Limits mean Preview environments aren't limited to an internal team. Let select customer groups try new features before wide release.
  • Fewer Bugs
    Previewing code in an environment that closely mirrors production means less surprises for your end users with every rollout.
  • More Updates
    Less time worrying about environment maintenance means more time shipping great features and providing benefit for the end-user experience. Teams with smoother testing procedures ultimately create more mature products.

The right testing solution for your team

$ /month
For simpler projects that require less customization.
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Features include:
  • Unlimited deployments
  • Unlimited users
  • Backend, Frontend & Database Isolation
  • Github notifications
  • Email support
$ /month
For teams that need to move fast, no matter the codebase.
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Everything in Self-service, Plus:
  • Dedicated server
  • Custom domain
  • Custom notifications
  • Multiple Databases & Dependencies
  • < 24hr Support Response
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An integration customized for your Enterprise.
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Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Custom integrations
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Dedicated support

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get CodePreview integrated into a codebase?

For a standard full-stack application (backend, frontend & database), CodePreview usually takes between 3 hours and 1 day from initial sign-up to first-deployment.

Do I need to modify my codebase in order to install CodePreview?

No. Most installations require no changes at all, and the CodePreview setup team will handle any customization in case any need should arise.

How long does each preview environment take to deploy?

Unlike most Docker environments, CodePreview usually builds in 5-10 minutes.

Do I need to dockerize my project to use CodePreview?

No! In fact, CodePreview shines where other testing solutions struggle with projects that run on standard virtual machines instead of containers.

My project is already dockerized, can I still use CodePreview?

Yes! CodePreview works just as well inside a docker environment as out of it.

Can CodePreview work outside of Github?

Also yes! CodePreview does not require Github to function.

What languages does CodePreview support?

CodePreview Self-Install currently supports JVM environments using Java, Kotlin, Scala, while the Custom Plan provides the option to add additional languages.

Do I need to share my source code with the CodePreview team?

If privacy is key, our Custom plan can be installed via only the output assets and binaries.

Do I need to host this environment?

By default, CodePreview uses its own servers. If you would like to host them yourself, we are happy to deploy the previews on your infrastructure upon request.

Does every preview begin with a clean database?

That's up to you. CodePreview can create clean databases with every preview OR dump existing data to each new environment.

What if my preview requirements change mid-project?

Because we know requirements are constantly changing, CodePreview provides ongoing live support to adjust the Preview Environment for any new needs as they arise.

Do I really need to schedule a call to use CodePreview?

Look. We get it. Nobody likes extra hurdles in the buying process. That's why we skip the salespeople and book your call directly with a member of our engineering team: In most cases, we can assess your project and be ready to install after just one meeting.

Have more questions?

Our engineers are happy to answer any and all questions you have. Contact us to set up a call today.